Gok’s Roadshow – Cabot Circus episode on 1st March

As many of you will know, Gok brought his Channel 4 production team to Bristol at the end of January to film an episode of his new series ‘Gok’s Roadshow’ in Cabot Circus, where he took on stylist Brix Smith-Start in the high-street versus designer face-off on the catwalk.

The Bristol episode will be aired next Tuesday (1 March) and we can’t wait to see Cabot Circus on the small screen! 

As part of the new series, Gok is doing his best to help Britain’s style-starved women and in Bristol he met three lovely ladies – all mental health workers.

Avid cyclers, Becky (32), Tors (33) and Sarah (37) had ditched fashion in favour of bike helmets and high-visibility jackets but all three received a glamorous makeover from Gok and we can’t wait to see them strut their stuff on the catwalk on Tuesday…

The thousands of you that turned up on that freezing Friday night when he filmed will already know who won – Gok or Brix – however the rest of you will just have the wait until Tuesday!

Until then, here’s a clip of Gok in action working his magic to transform a simple nude dress into a show-stopping evening dress…


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